And who is this so-called "BEARPROOF"?


About Brady
A master of guitar-craft, Brady does his part to bring shredding riffs back to rock. He is known as the "Left-Guitar" and vocals of the band. He is a song writing machine.
Spirit Animal
FOX - Clever, perceptive, and shrewd.
Powers: Stealth, night vision, ability to read and manipulate others' emotions.
Favorite Gas Station Food
Bahama Mama


About Nate
Known as the "Right Guitar" and other vocals of the band. Nate is a connoisseur of guitars, fine root beers and everything within earshot. He layers on the medieval dualing guitar scales and rich mahoghany harmonies.
Spirit Animal
HAWK - Messenger of the Spirits. Adept with language.
Powers: Communicate with the divine, discern powers in others, photographic memory.
Favorite Gas Station Food
Purple Stuff


About the Band
Bearproof is dedicated to rocking you and your mom too. That's right, I'm talking about your mom. I'm also talking about hard rocking music that will make you feel like a nomad who shaves with a Rambo knife. Guess what? Santa Claus is real and Bearproof is here to spread the good news.
Band Members
Brady Briggs - Left Guitar, Vocals
Nate Barlow - Right Guitar, Vocals
Zak Steele - Bass Guitar
Steve Anderson - Drum Set
Band Restaurant
Rancherito's (Formerly Beto's)
Why Rancherito's? Because everywhere else is usually closed by the time jam practice is over. In recent month's however, they have integrated Denny's into the mix.
Contact Bearproof
Drop us a line at:


About Zak
Creator of lumberjack-style bass-riffing, Zak brings the funk to your front door. Please let him in. He will serve you up a pancake breakfast smothered in sultry viscous counter-melody.
Spirit Animal
OTTER - Nurturing, playful, and easygoing. Awwwwe.
Powers: Healing
Favorite Gas Station Food


About Steve
A lifelong student of aggressive percussion, Steve treats drumming as a highspeed game of whack-a-mole... where you better get every mole or they're going to come kill your family.
Spirit Animal
WOLF - Loyal, devoted, and passionate.
Powers: Stealth, hunting ability, enhanced senses of smell and hearing, as well as strength and stamina.
Favorite Gas Station Food
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